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CDN performance matters

CDN plays a major role in DDoS by focusing on keeping web services available. With CDN, a web service can be cached in thousands of servers globally instead of a colocation facility with limited bandwidth. As CDN servers are in most ISP point-of-presence (POP) locations, flooding of traffic can be dropped at the ISP edge, never allowing it to impact even a localized network link.

CDN providers can also assist with application level attacks by incorporating WAF, rate limiting and bot mitigation technology into their offerings.

CDN providers work as giant distributed reverse proxies that can filter malicious traffic, mitigate floods and accelerate websites. CDN protection utilizes many data centers and POPs.

Well, a Cloud Scrubbing Center (CSC) with higher bandwidth maybe a key aspect of the DDoS mitigation, however, CDN performance and its aggregate throughput also matters.

So, CloudHarmony offers a CDN performance test tool called “CloudProbe”. The test results are viewable in a single pane of glass for multiple vendors. Before implementing or even switching a CDN service, use the tool to decide as services differ in every region.

CDN performance test result for Akamai CDN in Oceania.

CloudProbe uses 20,000+ public test devices across the globe. These test devices are located on the Internet last mile to provide analysis that is end user-centric compared to testing from a data center.


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