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Choosing the right compute instance for your budget

When choosing the right Cloud product, consider multiple features and use case scenarios to make a final decision. You should have a good understanding of what the Cloud market is offering. It is also important to have a clear idea of the workloads you are planning for your instances. A good overview of your needs and the options you have available, helps when choosing the system that best suits your use cases with the most effective cost for your business.

Pricing is an important component when evaluating and choosing cloud instances, and CPU architecture has an impact on pricing. The three charts below include comparisons of AWS EC2 instances grouped by specifications. You can see in all three examples, the features are the same, except for the CPU Architecture. Pricing shown in the charts is the average price in all North American regions in Q2 2021 for on-demand compute instances.

For the three groups, the cheapest instances are those with Arm processors, followed by AMD and Intel.

AWS state that their Arm instances deliver up to ,40% better price performance over their Intel instances. Arm processors are also known for featuring lower power consumption.

The adoption of Arm processors in compute instances is on the rise. As well as being included in the AWS EC2 portfolio, they were also added to ,Oracle’s OCI in May 2021.

If you are interested in having access to worldwide instance pricing and detailed features of Compute Instances, as well as performance information for multiple Cloud Providers, head to ,Cloud Decisions.


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