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Cloud Server Performance Benchmarking

We are in the process of developing a benchmark suite to run in the cloud and use as a basis for comparing different IaaS (cloud server) vendors. There are lots of uses for cloud servers be it web, application or database servers; scientific computing; video encoding; etc. In establishing our benchmark suite we’d like to be as comprehensive as possible in order to provide decent coverage of most computational needs. Our current list of benchmarks includes the following:

  • blogbench
  • timed build (apache, imagemagick, mysql, php)
  • c-ray
  • cachebench
  • compress (7zip, gzip, lzma, pbzip2)
  • dbench
  • dcraw
  • encode (ape, flac, mp3, ogg, wavpack)
  • espeak
  • ffmpeg
  • fhourstones
  • GeekBench
  • gmpbench
  • gnupg
  • hdparm
  • hmmer
  • iozone
  • john-the-ripper
  • mafft
  • memcache
  • mencoder
  • minion
  • mysql-bench
  • nero2d
  • npb
  • openssl
  • opstone
  • pgbench
  • PHPBench
  • postmark
  • povray
  • PyBench
  • ramspeed
  • ruby-benchmark-suite
  • SPECjvm2008
  • sqlite
  • stream
  • sudokut
  • super-pi
  • tiobench
  • UnixBench

All benchmarks will be run on similar CentOS 64-bit server instances. Are there any benchmarks you’d like to see that are not in the list? We’d appreciate any comments, suggestions or feedback.


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