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Comparing CDN Services with Cloudharmony

CDN test results
CDN test results

Content delivery networks (CDNs), are highly distributed edge-based cloud delivery platforms. CDNs provide functionality such as content acceleration, API caching, image optimization, streaming video delivery, web application and perimeter security, as well as edge compute and storage. CDN providers deploy caching, storage and compute nodes in their own, and in third-party data center locations worldwide to support optimization, agility and security of content delivery.

CloudHarmony enables you to measure your network downlink and latency to a range of CDN providers. Such providers include Akamai, CacheFly, Limelight, Fastly, CloudFlare, Azure, Amazon CloudFront and Tencent, to name a few. We recently ran such a test and you can see the results in the image above.

This test was run from Sydney, Australia. A similar test was performed back in January from the same location.

To run this test for yourself using Cloud Harmony, visit this link.

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