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Data Insights: Cloud Storage Latency in Asia


The CloudHarmony website contains data related to a variety of Cloud services, for multiple regions and providers. In this opportunity, we will have a look at the ICMP Latency for some Cloud Storage services in the Asia region.

Based on the results of over 255,000 tests performed between December 2015 and March 2022, the ICMP latency for Storage Cloud services in Asia was between 37 milliseconds (ms) and 322 ms. 

Some of the lower latencies were recorded in locations such as Singapore (40ms – 92ms), Hong Kong (37ms – 111ms), Tokyo (42ms – 153ms), and Mumbai (39ms – 156ms). Higher latencies of 200ms and over can be seen inside mainland China in locations such as Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.  

The table below summarizes the fastest and slowest ICMP Latency recorded for seven Cloud Storage services in the Asia region. Data for each provider is available from different periods:

Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage tests results have been recorded since 2015, Alibaba Cloud Object Storage since 2016, DigitalOcean Spaces since 2018, Oracle Cloud Object Storage since 2019, and records for IBM Cloud and Tencent Cloud Object Storage were available from 2020.

ServiceFastest (ms)Slowest (ms)Period
Alibaba Cloud Object Storage88287Aug 2016 – Mar 2022
Amazon S387169Dec 2015 – Mar 2022
DigitalOcean Spaces8386Sep 2018 – Mar 2022
Google Cloud Storage3750Dec 2015 – Mar 2022
IBM Cloud Object Storage143145May 2020 – Mar 2022
Oracle Cloud Object Storage137219Jul 2019 – Mar 2022
Tencent Cloud Object Storage84322Mar 2020 – Mar 2022

A more detailed view of this data can be accessed here.

To read our Data Insights blog post about Latency for Cloud Storage services in North America click here.

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