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Data Insights: Cloud Storage Network Performance in North America

The CloudHarmony network test is a free tool that Gartner provides, allowing users to measure connectivity to cloud services in realtime. The tool uses the combined results from these tests to analyze and compare network performance for cloud services.

Through the CloudHarmony CloudProbe tool, you can see Storage Network Performance (specifically ICMP Latency) for multiple Cloud Services and multiple regions and this data is based on the testing Gartner performs using the RIPE Atlas Internet measurement network. The best part is that you can access this data for FREE! Go to and check it out!

Through the Cloud Decisions tool, you can have access to the data shown in CloudHarmony and much more! Let’s have a look at one of those additional offerings: Real User HTTP Latency for Cloud Storage Services.

“Real User” tests are test results from real users running the CloudHarmony network test. HTTP Latency measures the amount of time (milliseconds) to download an 8 byte file (small enough to fit within a single TCP/IP round trip) over HTTP protocol.

Using the data available in Cloud Decisions from 16 August 2021 to 16 November 2021, I have created a chart that shows the HTTP Latency of five Cloud Storage Services in the North America region using “Real Users” as the data source. The chart below shows the fastest and slowest latency for the following Cloud Storage Services: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage, and Oracle Cloud Object Storage. The chart also shows their mean values:

As a general view and based on the data for these five Cloud Services, the Real User HTTP Latency in North America in the last 3 months has fallen between 240 ms (slowest) and 50 ms (fastest). The Overall Average HTTP Latency was 104.82 ms.

Stay tuned for more data insights from our CloudHarmony and Cloud Decisions sites.


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