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Data Insights: ICMP Latency for Cloud Storage in North America

We know that latency is a key element in analyzing cloud performance. A higher latency has a negative impact for users, including bottlenecks that lead to bandwidth reduction.

CloudHarmony assists in troubleshooting these problems by providing latency data for multiple regions, providers and services.

CloudHarmony features ICMP latency data records for Cloud Storage services in North America from November 2015 to present date. ICMP latency measures the approximate minimum time (milliseconds) for 2-ways communication to occur between test client and endpoint. It uses the ping utility to elicit an ICMP ECHO_RESPONSE from the test target.

For these insights, data was analyzed between the dates of November 2015 and January 12, 2022. The Cloud Storage services included are from the following providers:

With that data from November 2015 until January 2022, the following quick insights can be reported:

  • For the US-East region, ICMP latency has been recorded between 48 ms and 15 ms.
  • For the US-West region, ICMP latency has been recorded between 70 ms and 13 ms
  • For the US-Central region, ICMP latency has been recorded between 44 ms and 16 ms
  • For the Canada region, ICMP latency has been recorded between 64 ms and 39 ms.

If you want to know how this ICMP latency has been calculated, and if you are interested in browsing figures for other regions, as well as other services such as compute, CDN, DNS and PaaS, please visit the CloudHarmony website.


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