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Gartner Cloud Scores Update: Azure Cloud Analytical Data Stores

Azure Cloud Analytical Data Stores

Gartner has published an update to Azure’s Solution Scorecard for Cloud Analytical Data Stores, which is now accessible from the Cloud Scores tool in Cloud Decisions.

Azure’s overall score has increased from 91% to 92%, as a result of the ‘Serverless SQL pool’ feature entering general availability (previously in public preview) and satisfying the ‘Serverless deployment option’ criterion, which is defined as: “The CSP must allow the customer to use the service without having to provision or maintain an analytical data store instance. However, the service may still incur instance-based usage charges.”

Data for all 174 criteria can be compared with two other cloud service providers, AWS and GCP. While AWS was last updated on 21 December 2021, GCP was last updated on 19 November 2020, with an update to GCP coming very soon – stay tuned to the Cloud Harmony blog.

To see the full criteria and start comparing Cloud Analytical Data stores across cloud service providers, go to Cloud Decisions today. 


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