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Gartner Cloud Scores Update: Google Cloud Analytical Data Stores

Gartner has published an update to Google’s Solution Scorecard for Cloud Analytical Data Stores, which is now accessible from the Cloud Scores tool in Cloud Decisions.

Google’s overall score has increased from 90% to 91%, as a result of two additional criteria being met. BigQuery Omni, now generally available, allows users to run BigQuery analytics on data stored in Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage. This feature satisfies the requirements for the ‘Cloud service provider support or data access’ criterion, which Gartner defines as:

The analytical data store must be deployable and supported on at least two of the major CSP platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, IBM or Alibaba Group) or have the ability to connect or access data from more than one analytical data store

‘User-defined restore points’ is defined as:

“The service must provide user-defined restore points that allow the database to “rewind” data back in time to correct any problems caused by logical data corruption or user errors within a designated time window”.

This capability is provided by the new ‘table snapshots’ feature, which allows users to create a snapshot of a table from any time within the past seven days, available to be restored from at a later date.

To see the full criteria and start comparing Cloud Analytical Data stores across cloud service providers, go to Cloud Decisions today.

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