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News Wrap-up – Issue #8

News Wrap-up — Issue #83

This CloudHarmony News Wrap-Up blog features Cloud related news stories and announcements that you may have missed during your busy week.

News Wrap-up — Issue #10

Alibaba has expanded its availability zones to 82, with the introduction of its first data center in South Korea.

Microsoft intends to build a new data center region, featuring availability zones, in India. The Hyderabad region will join the existing three Indian regions, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.

AWS EC2 instances now include automatic recovery by default. Previously, this had to be set manually.

Azure has announced the new Azure Front Door, a cloud content delivery network (CDN) service, is now generally available.

Yoga, OpenStack’s 25th update release announced.

Google’s Distributed Cloud Edge is now generally available.

Oracle has a few announcements this week, including:

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