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Performance Test: Amazon EC2 Instances in APAC

performance test, asiapacific, AWS, cloudharmony, EC2, network

Amazon EC2 instances are hosted in multiple locations around the world. Within Asia Pacific, there are currently 10 available regions, two of which are specific to AWS Chinese accounts only (Beijing and Ningxia).

performance test, asiapacific, AWS, cloudharmony, EC2, network

Amazon has also announced three additional APAC regions coming soon:

I performed a downlink and latency network test for Amazon EC2 instances this week for all current APAC regions, excluding the two Chinese-only regions. This test was run from Sydney, Australia. As shown in the image below, there is some variance in the downlink and latency results between regions.

By far, the best downlink and latency results were seen in ap-southeast-2. The median latency here was just 23.5ms and the median downlink [1 – 128KB / 4 threads] was 36.92Mb/s. The ap-southeast-1 region yielded the next best results with median latency at 109ms and median downlink at 7.61Mb/s.

You can run this test today in CloudHarmony using this link.

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