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Performance Test: Amazon Lightsail

performance test, AWS, Cloud, cloudharmony, Lightsail, networktest

Amazon Lightsail is a virtual private server (VPS) product which allows users to build applications and websites with low-cost, pre-configured cloud resources. Currently the service is available in 14 regions across the globe.

 We performed a Amazon Lightsail downlink and latency test across all the available regions this week. This test was run from Sydney, Australia. The test instances were low-cost Lightsail plans. As shown in the image below, there was some variance in the downlink and latency results between regions.

performance test, AWS, Cloud, cloudharmony, Lightsail, networktest

The ap-southeast-2 region yielded the best results, with a median of 19 ms latency, 23.85 Mb/s in the Downlink [1 – 128KB / 4 threads] category, and 40.78 Mb/s in the Downlink [256KB – 10MB / 2 threads] category.

The median test results for different geos:


Downlink [1 – 128KB / 4 threads]

Downlink [256KB – 10MB / 2 threads]


North America

1.17– 1.87 Mb/s

4.15 – 11.23 Mb/s

386 – 574 ms

Asia Pacific

2.03 – 23.85 Mb/s

13.87 – 40.78 Mb/s

19 – 326.5 ms


 0.93 – 2.33 Mb/s

4.28 – 28.62 Mb/s

314.5 – 604.5 ms

You can run this test today in CloudHarmony using this link.

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