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Performance Test: Comparing DNS services from major CSPs

CloudHarmony enables you to measure DNS query resolve time for a range of DNS services, including Akamai, Easy DNS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, NS1, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Neustar, Rage4 Networks, to name a few. Here is a snapshot of that test:

This test was run from Sydney, Australia. A similar test was performed back in February from the same location. Below is the performance comparison eight weeks apart:

 DNS Query Time (ms)DNS Query Time (ms)
Akamai DNS219248.5
DigitalOcean DNS149.5157
Easy DNS102.549.5
Google Cloud DNS163150
IBM Cloud6244.5
Microsoft Azure DNS164.5146
Neustar Ultra DNS216.5173
NS1 DNS48121.5
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS287.5475
RAGE4 Network DNS5538.5

EasyDNS performed better by 51% of the two tests, whereas NS1 was worst off by -153%.


To run this test for yourself using CloudHarmony, visit this link.

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