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Performance Test: Google Cloud Storage

GCP Performance Test - March 2022

Earlier this year, a network performance test was run for Google Cloud Storage in EMEA and North America. You can see the results of that  Google Cloud Storage test. The same downlink and latency test was run this week with some substantial variations in the outcomes. Here is a snapshot of that test:

Google Performance Test - March 2022

Aside from improvements in a couple of regions, downlink speeds are significantly slower and latency results much higher in the test run this week. To illustrate, here is a comparison of the MEDIAN test results in select regions for the two test sets (NOTE: downlink numbers are for 256KB – 10MB / 2 threads):

RegionDownlink – Jan ’22Downlink – Mar ’22Latency – Jan ’22Latency – Mar ’22
europe-north116.56 Mb/s2.78 Mb/s363 ms1382.5 ms
europe-west293.72 Mb/s56.31 Mb/s572 ms427 ms
europe-west395.39 Mb/s58.86 Mb/s317.5 ms456.5 ms
us-east191.31 Mb/s61.49 Mb/s248 ms364 ms
us-west192.46 Mb/s15.98 Mb/s183.5 ms444 ms
us-central197.7 Mb/s17.83 Mb/s218.5 ms576 ms
It is worth noting that both tests were run from the same internet connection in Sydney, Australia at similar times of the day. Some of the differences noted above could be attributed to common factors affecting internet speed including bandwidth issues and high network traffic.
You can run this same test in Cloud Harmony using this link.

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