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Performance Test: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Performance test

We recently ran a Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) performance test from an office situated on the east coast of Australia. So it is not surprising that the fastest downlink and latency were from Sydney and Melbourne. What did surprise us, was that some other AP regions, such as Mumbai and Tokyo, offered slower downlink results than that of UK regions such as London and Cardiff. These results were for both the 1-128KB/4 threads and the 256KB-10MB/2 threads.

Oracle Performance test

You can run this test today in CloudHarmony using this link.

The purpose of these tests is to compare bandwidth speed from various cloud services. Businesses can use this data to determine which cloud services will provide the best throughput for their needs.

Bandwidth is not the only consideration when choosing a cloud service provider, it is, however, one factor businesses should consider in combination with pricing, features and reliability.

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