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Performance Test: Tencent Cloud Virtual Machine

performance test, Cloud, cloudharmony, compute, networktest, tencent

Running a performance test for Tencent Cloud Virtual Machine, across their regions in North America (NA) and Europe, shows significantly better performance coming from the NA regions compared to those from the Europe-based instances. Tests were run from Australia, and as shown in the images attached, there is a considerable variance in the downlink and latency results between the two geos.

Average Downlink [256KB – 10MB/2 threads] speeds for the North American instances range from 31.85 Mb/s to 42.96 Mb/s, whereas we are only seeing average speeds of 24.44 Mb/s and 26.01 Mb/s for the two European instances.

Similar differences in performance can be seen in the latency results, with the average latency for NA regions ranging between 179.58 ms and 257.92 ms, and between 300.42 ms and 371.5 ms in Europe.

You can run this performance test for Tencent Cloud Virtual Machine today in CloudHarmony using this link.

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