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Spotlight: Cloud Availability Zones – Global Expansion

Global Expansion

Google recently announced an expansion to its infrastructure with the opening of a new cloud region in Santiago, Chile. They also announced their future plans for further cloud regions. This announcement got us wondering. What regions have been announced in 2021 by Google and other cloud providers and what’s on the horizon for future global expansion?

Google Cloud regions have also opened in Delhi NCR (India), Toronto (Canada) and Warsaw (Poland). And if there ever was a city that needed this most, it was the opening of a Cloud region in Melbourne (Australia), reported as the most locked down city in the world during the COVID pandemic.

Microsoft opened a new datacenter region in Arizona in June, known as west-us3. Following this up in November, with the opening of its new cloud region in Gävle (Sweden).

In March, AWS expanded its Osaka Local Region to a standard AWS region. This week AWS announced its second Top Secret Region – AWS Top Secret-West.

With more and more users switching to the Cloud, and an increase in demand, all three providers have plans to expand in all regions. These include the Middle East, APAC, Europe and the US. Microsoft has listed up to 18 regions as ‘coming soon’. Whilst AWS and Google have plans for future expansion in at least 10 regions each.

As to when these new regions and availability zones will be available… watch this space!


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